About us

We are a startup from Cologne that was founded in May 2017 as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University. As researchers at RWTH, the five envelio founders have been developing software and algorithms for the planning and operation of energy networks for more than five years. Instead of the research results of our dissertations being filed away, we wanted to make them accessible for the public and have founded envelio. Since then, we have experienced a rapid growth. Currently, we are a team of more than 30 employees, who continue to develop the Intelligent Grid Platform as an innovative digitization platform for energy grids.

Our Team


Dr. Simon Koopmann


Dr. Fabian Potratz

Head of Software Development

Dr. Philipp Goergens

Head of Projects

Moritz Cramer

Head of IT Operations

Dr. Philipp Erlinghagen

Head of Business Development

Dr. Tobias Falke

Senior Project Engineer

Robin Ashrafuzzaman

Software Engineer

Nikodem Bienia

Working Student

Anass Ben Tahar

Working Student

Alexander Braun

Working Student

Robin Fabis

Project Engineer

Lena Faßbender

Working Student / Master

Kira Frings

Team lead Data Engineering

Felix Glinka

Team Lead Backend

Marius Görtz

Senior Project Engineer

Artjom Gräfenstein

Working Student

Kai Habermann

Project Engineer

Ivo Keuken

Working Student

Sebastian Klopfer

Working Student

Jeffrey Kramer

Working Student

Sharath Maligera-Eswarappa

DevOps Engineer

André Mertschuweit

Working Student

Mostafa Mollaahmadi

Software Engineer

Marc Pape

Software Engineer

Anaёl Placidet

Working Student

Kiril Safin

Data Engineer

Daniel Schema

Working Student

Moemmur Shahzad

Software Engineer

Marcel Spitz

UI/UX Designer

Nikita Stumpf

Master Thesis

Yiyao Tang

Executive Management Assistant

Sandra Tränckner

Working Student

Timo Walter

Job offers

IT Operations

DevOps Engineer (m/f)

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer who supports us in the deployment and operation of our software stacks.


Software Engineer Frontend (m/f)

We are looking for a Software Engineer for the implementation of new features in the UI of the Intelligent Grid Platform.


Project engineer (m/f)

We are looking for a project engineer to support our team in the management and controlling of projects with distribution grid operators and energy suppliers.


Software engineer (m/f)

We are looking for a software engineer to support us in the conception and implementation of new features of the Intelligent Grid Platform.


Data scientist (m/f)

We are looking for a data scientist to support us in the statistical evaluation and processing of large amounts of data in the context of power grids.


Intern projects (m/f)

We are looking for an intern to support our projects team in the management and controlling of projects with distribution grid operators.


Mathematical / technical software developer (m/f)

We are looking for a mathematical / technical software developer to support us in the development of new features for the Intelligent Grid Platform.