Intelligent Grid Platform

The Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) is a modular software assistance system that supports distribution grid operators in digitizing and automating grid planning and grid operation processes. For this purpose, the Intelligent Grid Platform provides 12 dedicated applications in the main areas data quality, grid planning and grid operation. 

IGP Data Quality

Grid Transparency

Data Control Center

Time Series Control Center

IGP Data Quality
IGP Planning

Connection Request

Online Connection Check

Grid Study

Grid Planning

IGP Planning
IGP Operation


Congestion Management

IGP Operation

Process integration of the Intelligent Grid Platform

The Intelligent Grid Platform is embedded seamlessly into existing structures at distribution grid operators. The various data systems at grid operators (e.g. GIS, ERP, measurement data) are used as input for all functionalities. Envelio’s project engineers create customized interfaces to all relevant data systems. With these data shippers, the data is transferred into the IGP.

The Intelligent Grid Platform uses a software-client system architecture. All calculations and simulation are performed in the background on large server capacities. The user can access the platform via a web browser.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 867602.