IGP Planning

Many grid planning processes, such as evaluating connection requests for new generators or creating long- and short-term grid expansion strategies, often require manual input by the grid planning engineers. As a consequence, these processes are very time consuming and prone to errors. With the applications of IGP Planning, these grid planning processes can be automated and accelerated significantly. This is the basis for a mass integration of distributed energy resources, EV charging points and heat pumps into the grid. In addition to the automated evaluation of new connection requests, the applications for example can be used to create and evaluate tailored scenarios for future supply tasks or to identify cost-efficient expansion measures to resolve grid bottlenecks.


Connection Request

With the application Connection Request, requests for new grid interconnections can be automatically evaluated. The functionalities include:  comprehensive process management, determination and evaluation of suitable grid connection points, reservation management capabilities and automated generation of various status reports. These capabilities enable new generation (e.g. wind energy, photovoltaics) and loads (e.g. heat pumps, charging points) to be connected to the grid more quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you can use the Connection Request App to review cost-effective investment decisions for congested grid sections.

Online Connection Check

The Online Connection Check application provides a portal for your customers in support of interconnection applications. Your customers can use this tool to independently obtain a non-binding, automatically generated initial review of their connection request. This consists of an indicative presentation of an ideal grid connection point as well as other parameters such as connection costs. The Online Connection Check is a simplified version of the Connection Request App and can be fully integrated into your website or any other desired online platform.

Grid Study

The Grid Study application quickly and easily creates comprehensive scenarios for future supply tasks. The tool uses detailed simulation results to show the technical and financial impacts of these changes over time.  For example, you can analyze the concrete effects on your grid of a higher penetration of charging infrastructure or a further expansion of distributed generation plants. 

Grid Planning

The Grid Planning application enables an interactive revision of the supply task and grid structure. In this application you can interactively add or change line sections, plan new stations and grid areas, check changes in the switching state and add different loads and feeders at defined grid points.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 867602.