IGP Operation

Due to the increasing penetration of distributed energy resources and EV charging points, the distribution grids will be operated closer to their technical limits in the future. As a consequence, grid operators have to establish increased transparency about the current grid state (particularly on low voltage level) to ensure the reliability of power supply. The IGP applications in the field of grid operation provide detailed information on the current and the future grid state to the system managers. For this purpose, interfaces to the control system and to measurement devices in the grid are established. The current grid state is derived by using state estimation algorithms. Furthermore, the IGP Operation applications provide recommendations for the congestion management in case of imminent grid bottlenecks.



The Online Monitoring application provides real-time information about the current grid status. The application consolidates information from installed measuring devices and translates this into an assessment of the current grid status.  The application provides more transparency about the utilization rates of your medium and low-voltage grids.

Congestion Management

The Congestion Management application identifies operational bottlenecks and provides real-time recommendations for action to eliminate the congestion. During this continual process, grid-related measures and any load and generation flexibilities are taken into account considered as part of the solution.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 867602.