IGP Data Quality

The key element for digitizing and automating grid planning and operation processes is a validated data basis. With the IGP Data Quality applications, previously isolated data systems (such as GIS, ERP, measurement data) can be connected. Data errors and inconsistencies between the different data are identified and directly corrected. As a result, digital twins for high, medium and low voltage grids are developed in an almost completely automated process. Furthermore, the applications in this field provide various analytics and visualization features that can be used to process and evaluate measurement data or to assess the grid in its status quo from a technical perspective.


Grid Transparency

With the Grid Transparency application, you get an overview of your entire grid model. For modeling, grid data from different data silos are merged. Using customized algorithms, typical data gaps and inconsistencies can be automatically identified and corrected.

Data Control Center

The Data Control Center application ensures that all grid data is kept up to date. Regular data synchronization automatically tracks changes in your source systems and transfers them directly to the Intelligent Grid Platform. This enables inconsistent data to be easily identified and cleansed.

Time Series Control Center

The Time Series Control Center application enables live analysis of all volatile measurement data within your grid area. Each individual measured value and input from all measuring devices is transferred to the Intelligent Grid Platform in real time. After the measured values have been saved, you can view them either directly or subsequently, sorted by specific points in time. The measurement data diagram provides you with a complete overview of the activities of the selected measuring device.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 867602.